EECO loves to supply your electrical equipment needs

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Our Innovative solutions includes a Full Line of Electrical Supplies in 自动化, 权力, 电动机, and General Purpose/MRO supplies.

Download 5 Steps to Efficient Electrical Storerooms

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Storeroom Management

Running a smooth storeroom is challenging. Let us manage your storeroom while you focus on what matters most — keeping your customers happy.

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This page showcases our Rockwell 自动化 partnership and supporting brands.

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Carolinas Products

This page showcases our Eaton 自动化 partnership and supporting brands.

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Contractor Solutions

Electrical contractors need more than bid and project support from their suppliers. Innovative partnerships between distributors and contractors will maximize the potential of technology and result in a tremendous impact on labor.

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We do more than sell products. We specialize in solving problems. Helping you with your specific projects is why we get up in the morning. (We especially like the challenging ones.) We also understand your need for immediacy and if we don’t have the right product, we’ll do our best to find it.


  • Top 自动化 Brands
  • Top Electrical Brands
  • 高级工具品牌

Give Trusted Advice

  • Our team is vastly experienced
  • We have a huge network of professionals to draw from

Utilize 权力ful Vendor Partnerships

  • Our Vendor partnerships are formed with you in mind
  • Multitude of training opportunities


EECO serves the region of VA, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.
Select your area to see automation solutions that are focused toward your business.

Electrical Storeroom Management

When it comes to storeroom management, there is too much for one person to do and no room for hand holding or broken promises. Here’s how we can help optimize your storeroom.

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See how we helped Helen with a storeroom solution.

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Electrical Contractor Solutions

As a modern electrical contractor, we know you can go anywhere for the parts you need. We’re here to help you boost business and improve your bottom line. Our goal is to help you move quickly from one job to the next. On time and on budget. And we’ll work with you through every phase of your project.

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  • Fast delivery options to fit your needs
  • Design-build support for complex jobs
  • Storeroom management on the job site

Strong ally for advanced electrical projects

  • 电动机 control center layouts and motor services
  • Variable Frequency drive systems
  • 权力 circuit termination proofing

Supportive Credit Team

  • Surplus Material Reclaim
  • Credit Risk Management
  • Project oriented invoicing

Find out how EECO can reduce your costs and provide you with on-time service throughout your entire project.

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