Starting and Sustaining
A Reliability Program

You know why it’s so important, but proving the business case and justifying it over the time required to see results is a challenge. This guide will help you establish a condition based maintenance plan to support your Reliability Program, with a primary objective of Preventative Maintenance Optimization.

The ultimate goal of condition based maintenance (CBM) is to perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time when the maintenance activity is the most cost-effective and before the asset loses optimum performance.

– Ramesh Gulati, Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices

New from Inspire

Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)- Motor Fundamentals

Reliability Centered Maintenance is gaining in popularity. These videos will review commonly observed metrics, definitions and frequently asked questions.

Condition based maintenance and the reliability program:

What is RCM? How is it different from CBM?
How do RCM and CBM work together?
What is PM optimization?

Justification – building the business case for condition based maintenance.

What steps can be taken to justify a new CBM program?
How do you correlate plant metrics (OEE) to maintenance KPIs?

Tools to help you get started

These templates include observations from multiple professionals in the reliability community and should get you off to a great start.


Reliability Program Objectives Worksheet
This worksheet will help identify program objectives and define functional requirements.

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Condition Based Maintenance eBook
This ebook will help match methods to your objectives and establish the resources to support your program.

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Additional Reading

This guide will help get your CBM well underway, but a complete reliability program requires establishment of new practices, awareness of performance benchmarks, and cultural change. The references below are a great start to help expand your scope.

Layer 24Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices – Second Edition
RCM – Reliability-Centered Maintenance
Rules of Thumb for Maintenance and Reliability Engineers

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